About Vermillion

Vermillion was created to provide an informed, non-partisan voice on subjects of people, planet and prosperity in Canada.

It's not a simple trade-off. Experts believe we cannot sustain our world without elevating all three. So we help solution-focused stakeholders connect and cooperate – and achieve and communicate real and measurable improvements – to accelerate adoption of what works.


Vermillion was founded by practitioners who saw how confusion poses huge risks to people, planet and prosperity.
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Why the name Vermillion?


Management + Advisors

To execute on Board direction, Vermillion works with a diverse set of professionals.
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Governance + Team

To enhance regulatory compliance, operational effectiveness and policy development, Vermillion's Board is made up of subject-matter experts.
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About non-partisan research & results

Sustaining society is serious business. All sides hold pieces of the puzzle, and divisive tactics can delay progress.

That's why Vermillion is reinventing the sustainability NGO to attract input and resources from fair-minded researchers, businesses, NGOs, practitioners and government agencies.

So if you care about finding and communicating consensus solutions, make sure you support Vermillion.